Certified Balayage Masters Program

Balayage Masters Program Certificate

Our salon owner Nelly is a proud recipient and graduate of the “MOB” Masters of Balayage Program. The Master of Balayage Program is a world renown Hair Stylist certificate program by Style Master Ryan Weeden.

Continuing education is always Nelly’s top priority and she believes it is vital to continue to educate herself and all her staff on the latest trends in women’s Hair, Skin, Esthetics, Beauty lines and Products. Additionally, Nelly’s has strived to be known as a color specialist/expert and she is proud to say that with her continuing education and 20 years of hands on experience she has achieved that goal.

” I have always had a passion for Women’s Beauty, Hair and Cosmetics. I also really enjoy spending time with people, people give me energy. It was only natural to combine my two favorite things so I started La Rouge Hair and Spa and the rest is history. I am happy to say that I truly love what I do and one thing I emphasize on is learning so I am always attending seminars, courses and programs. I also encourage all my staff to continue upgrading their skills to be able to always offer the latest in Hair services and Hair Products. Even with over 20 years of experience I am learning new techniques every single day. I can honestly say that the Balayage Masters Program was well worth the investment and it has taught me exactly what to look for to be able to provide that perfect look for all my beautiful clients”.

  • Balayage by Nelly
  • 2021 Balayage by Nelly
  • Balayage on Black by Nelly
  • Fresh Balayage and Curtain Bangs

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