Life-Changing Hair Treatment: Cezanne Keratin.

“Frizz-less, shiny hair, without compromising volume and movement”, Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?  Cezanne Keratin Treatment certainly is what dreams are made of and our clients seem to think so too.La Rouge hair and spa is now equipped with one of the best kept celebrity hair treatment secrets: Cezanne Keratin treatment and we are very excited about it! As seen on Doctor. Oz, Cezanne Keratin Treatment is not only effective but also absolutely formaldehyde free!

 La Rouge hair salon is one of a few salons that offers this haircare treatment and here is what it can do for your hair:

  1. Deep Conditioning Without Harsh Chemicals: Did you  know that most deep conditioning products contain harsh chemicals that will actually end up damaging your hair? That’s never the optimal goal for any haircare treatment and that’s why the Cezanne Keratin is the ideal choice for obtaining smooth, shiny and healthy hair.
  2. Long Lasting Results: So we told you no harsh chemicals and now you are thinking; ‘I guess the results will only last until the next wash’? Need not to worry! this treatment will last up to 5 months which is unheard of on the market. In fact, this is the only formaldehyde system that has such long lasting results without the harmful chemicals such as; carbocisteine and amino acid products that tend to break disulphide bonds.
  3. Don’t Compromise Volume: Volume and movement are never factors you should be willing to compromise when getting your hair treated and that’s why we love the Cezanne Keratin treatment. You will leave the salon with frizz-less, smooth, shiny and wearable hair without compromising the lively bounce of your hairs’ volume.

Perhaps above all, the revolutionary aspect of this product is in it’s science. We’ve all heard of Brazilian/ Japanese straighteners and relaxers for the hair, which have been proven to be extremely damaging for your hair, thus you might be curious to know how this treatment is different. Frankly, it’s all in the science and chemistry of the hair. Most professional hairstylist at some point become chemists too,  as it directly effects the hair treatments they use. Nelly (founder of La Rouge Hair Salon), is all about the the chemistry of the products at her salon and she always relies on less harsh chemicals with the best results. According to Nelly:

“Japanese hair relaxers do work in straining your hair but at the cost of breaking the disulphide bonds of your hair, which is terrible! Disulphide bonds give your hair strength and elasticity so you want to protect that to the best of your ability.  The Cezanne treatment uses a lower pH formula so not only does it protect the disulphide bonds but restores them as well. As a stylist you have to know the chemistry of your clients hair and simple hydration of the hair at a lower pH level will result in a healthier finish. Cezanne’s small molecules penetrate the cortex of hair and help to restore it which results in smooth, shiny, and frizz-less hair. I love this product because of it’s revolutionary science.”

We hope you come in to the salon and treat yourself to the Cezanne Keratin Treatment and see the results for yourself!


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