5 Holiday Time-Saving Hair Tips!

With Christmas just mere days away we are all scrambling for a little bit more time. Don’t worry you are not alone in the holiday rush and if you are looking for some last minute time-saving hair tips, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top 5 emergency hair tips and tricks for the holidays:

  • A Quick Blowout: No time to get your haircut and colored? We understand! Come in for a quick 30-45 minute blowout that will last for the next two days. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get holiday ready.

DSC03092 (2)

  • Temporary Root Cover Up: No time to take care of your roots but desperately need a touch-up? we have an emergency hair spray that will dab on colour to those roots until your next wash.


  • Dry Shampoo: No time to even wash your hair? Use a little bit of dry shampoo to save your hair for the night but make sure you don’t overuse or abuse it!


Dry shampoo removes sebum, but doesn’t strip natural oils that your hair needs. (Photo: Wayofliving.com)

  • A fuller ponytail: Get a fuller ponytail by doing a double ponytail- illusion and some curls for an instant effortless updo.enhanced-buzz-5378-1383232025-22.jpg
  • Avoid the frizzy hair: If your hair tends to frizz during blow-drying, use towel drying instead by pressing down on the hair instead of rubbing your hair with the towel.



Bonus: still have one or two people left to purchase a gift for this holiday season? drop by our salon and checkout our exclusive line of all organic hair treatment products by Davines. This practical and luxurious gift is one that is sure to win Christmas this year!

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