Looking for some hair inspiration this Spring and Summer?

It is time to try the trendiest hair coloring method in town—-BALAYAGE!!!!

Balayage is a French word that means sweeping or hair painting and its a soft, smooth and natural looking(almost like a sun kissed look!) highlights trough the use of the hands. Whether you have a very long hair, mid-length hair style, Balayage can pretty much help you on your transformation. The best part of it is that because it is already meant to look natural, your hair that grows back does not show a sudden difference and rather very subtle and pretty. The color requires little maintenance and style can be done with any type of hair. Most of balayage clients come in 3 months for a touch-up, or toner/gloss, or just face frame highlights!  So give Balayage a try this year and show off that new you for summer 2017!!!!!



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