Stay Smooth And Frizz-Free All Summer Long!



Summer means fun in the sun, but for people with frizzy or wavy hair it means worrying about the condition of their hair.

Humidity is the root of fly away, so you have to put moisture back into your mane to tame it. Proper conditioning is important, especially on the ends of your hair. It’s also best to brush when your hair is still wet, so the bristles don’t damage the cuticle while you’re detangling. To combat frizz for months at a time, try a professional process  Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment which is packed with ingredients like keratin, a silk protein called sericin, botanical extracts and vitamins!

Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a transformational, life changing smoothing treatment that brings hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition without damaging the hair or using dangerous chemicals. It will reduce frizz and deliver  smoother, stronger, healthier and more manageable and exquisitely beautiful hair and will last for months! 

It’s GENTLE:  Kerastraight is long-lasting for up to 4 months, and gradually fades from the hair

It’s NATURAL:  Kerastraight doesn’t use any strong chemicals to straighten the hair, but adds natural keratin which gives hair it’s strength

It’s UNIVERSAL:  Kerastraight is suitable for all hair types including coloured, highly lightened, bleached, permed, very dry and virgin hair

It’s HEALTHY:  Kerastraight penetrates the hair, repairing internal and external damage.  It coats the hair, preventing further damage, resulting in soft, shiny, healthy, straight hair

If you want to achieve a smooth style for poolside and sea-swimming wet-hair, try Keratin smoothing treatment this Summer!  Remember, “It’s summertime and the living is easy.” Take control of your hair and your time by banishing those frustrating frizzies and flyaways. Treat yourself  to Cezanne for a Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

The talented stylists at La Rouge Hair and Spa and have the product in hand and the required expertise, so call 604-922-5778 for an appointment. Your hair will thank you!

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