Beautiful Brow Transformation :0 MICROBLADING!


Its amazing how brows can make such a big difference! :0 Microblading by Irene at La Rouge!

The shape and proportion of your eyebrows can have a huge impact on your overall look. You maybe familiar with the concept of permanent makeup , a past technique used to fill in eyebrows with a semi-permanent ink that looked unnatural and faded to colors of blues as the ink began to wear away. MICROBLAIDNG is different because it uses a specialized pigment. The main ingredient is used in other cosmetic products and fades away gradually and naturally, simply disappearing over time. Also, the technique used doesn’t tattoo the pigment as deeply as permanent makeup of the past.

Once your procedure is complete, you won’t have to worry about eyebrows maintenance such as using eyebrow pencil, powder and plucking for quite sometime. Typically, result last up to 18months. However, this will depend upon your skin type and lifestyle factors. Touch-up treatments can always be performed as needed for ongoing results.

WAKE UP WITH PERFECT BROWS EVERYDAY! GREAT BROWS DON’T HAPPEND BY CHANCE, THEY HAPPEN BY APPOINTMENT! Call us today and Get a free consultation with Irene at La Rouge! 604 922 5778 *


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