Sacred Nature by Comfort Zone

Today we wanted to introduce you all to a brand new organic skin line product that we carry in our salon. This product that we are referring to is called “Sacred Nature” by Comfort Zone. Sacred Nature is a bio-regenerative organic skincare for youthful and resilient skin.

At La Rouge Hair and Spa we carry the entire collection of skin products by Comfort Zone. There are many different products available such as hydra cream, cleansing balm, youth serum, and exfoliating masks to name a few. Some of the active ingredients are scientific garden extract- a protective and anti-aging complex of three bio-fermented anti-oxidant extract from elderberries, pomegranate peels and myrtle leaves from regenerative agriculture. These ingredients stimulate the skin, smooth and firm the skin while restoring it’s longevity from environmental aggressors. Hence, Sacred Nature products provide the best anti-oxidant protection while being completely eco-friendly.

For more information on Comfort Zone Sacred Nature please visit Comfort Zone direct and read about their entire line of products.

Please feel free to contact us to book a free no obligation consultation by calling 604-922-5778

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