Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment for women

Have you ever experienced Hair loss and have wondered about the causes and possible treatments and preventions? In today’s blog post we decided to tackle some of these ideas and offer our clients some amazing products to help.

Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment

Common Causes of Excessive Hair loss in Women

(Physical Causes of Hair Loss in Women)

According to Dr. Bindu Sthalekar certified Dermatologist and Cosmetologist physical causes of hair loss can be directly related to what you put inside your body. She goes to explain that: “You are what you eat and your hair is what your system is”. In her YouTube interview by Glamrs Dr. Bindu explains that some physical causes of hair loss are directly related to illnesses and medications such as anti-depressants.
Dr. Sthalekar also explains that excessive Vitamin intakes such as Vitamin A can also lead to premature hair loss. Generally speaking if there are any deficiencies in the body or any problems in the body it will directly reflect in the blood supply which goes to the root and this is exactly how it effects the hair follicles.

Common Deficiencies that may cause Hair Loss in Women

As a world renown Cosmetologist Dr. Bindu sees many patients with common deficiencies and the three main deficiencies in women that contribute towards hair loss are Iron Deficiencies, Protein Deficiencies, and Zinc Deficiencies.

Mega Foods Blood Builder Iron Supplements
Iron Supplement

Other Common Causes and Contributors of Hair Loss

Another important contributor to Hair Loss according to Dr. Sthalekar is Hormonal imbalances such as Thyroid abnormalities. She goes on to say that “there are many people that experience changes in their hair quality or in the hair fall, one of the most important Thyroid condition is Hypothyroid or Hyper-Thyroid.
In either situations the first thing that can happen is Hair Loss”.

The next most common and important cause of Hair Loss in Women is caused by mental and emotional stress. Mental stress could be caused by high stress environments such as exams or daily life stressors. Emotional stress could on the other hand be things like bereavements, separations and divorce which could also lead to emotional hair loss. Both mental and emotional stresses release specific hormones in the body which over activates the adrenal gland which causes imbalances that will lead to hair loss.

What are some possible treatment options

There are many individuals who may be following nutrient rich diets, exercising regularly and maintaining their stress levels and can still experience hair loss. We believe that these individuals who have taken all the necessarily precautions internally need to also pay attention to external factors effecting their hair quality.
In addition to using the best hair care products it is extremely important to understand and follow the correct regiments when it comes to shampooing, cutting, coloring and conditioning your hair.
At La Rouge Hair and Spa we offer a wide variety of Hair Care Products and Services that will help keep your hair healthy and luscious all year long. We offer the entire hair care collection of Davines, Kerastase, and Kevin Murphy. Additionally, we offer keratin treatments such as Hair Botox.

Specific Product for Hair Loss prevention and treatment

We are very proud to be able to offer the entire hair care line from Kerastase. One Specific hair care product we recommend to our clients that have experienced hair loss is “Genesis by Kerastase”.
Genesis offers a potent anti-fall complex with Ginger Root for its ability to protect against the daily external aggressors, Edelweiss Native Cells for its capability and Aminexil for its ability to help hair anchor more solidly into the scalp and to prevent collagen from hardening around the hair follicles.
(You can read the top Google Reviews for Genesis Shampoo)

The next time you are in the area feel free to stop by our salon and ask about our entire Hair Care line specific for Hair Loss prevention and treatment and we will be more than happy to help.

(Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with Dr. Bindu Sthalekar Or Glamrs and have only referred to her interview as a source of information. If you would like to see the full video of Dr. Bindu Sthalekar which is brought to you by Glamrs you can visit their Youtube Page directly)

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