The Art of Makeup

Makeup and Beauty

At La Rouge Hair and Spa we offer a wide variety of Beauty services. Did you know that in addition to Hair and Nails we also offer customized Makeup Services?

Have you ever wondered why so many women and men wear makeup and what is the purpose of it? The obvious answer is “Beauty and elegnacce” but it is much more than that; hence, the science behind Make up and Facial Beauty is fascinating.

From the Ancient Romans and Egyptians to the modern age Beauty and Fashion has always been centered around symmetry and ratios. You may have heard about such a term as the “Golden Ratio” which has been the influence of everything around us from architecture to fashion for thousands of years. The art of Makeup and beauty stems from the same concept of Golden Proportions and what our perception is of Beauty in Nature.

The History of Makeup

Although makeup is considered quite mainstream throughout the world today its history dates back thousands of hears. The History of Makeup dates back to six thousand BCE and was considered an important pillar of class and wealth.

The origin of makeup can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed that makeup was a way to connect with their gods and it was worn by both men and women of all social classes. Makeup also served as a status symbol and was associated with wealth. The rich had access to intricately designed boxes and applicators made of ivory and adorned with jewels, while the poor used simple clay pots and sticks to store and apply their makeup. The history of makeup reflects the societal values and beliefs of different eras, and it continues to evolve with changing cultural norms and technological advancements. The Ancient Egyptians first introduced the definition of what they considered “Beautiful”. Therefore, Beauty comprises of specific ratios and the illusion of levels can play a vital role in its creation. In today’s world Makeup Artist create illusions by utilizing techniques to create makeup art that is pleasing to our visual perceptions. Makeup Artist can create this by using many techniques such as contouring and shading.

What is make up Contouring?

Makeup and Contouring

Many changes has been introduced into the world of Makeup in the last few decades and Makeup and Beauty companies such as L’Oréal and Revlon have been lab testing many new technologies and products and have brought to market many new and exciting products.

One specific term that you may have heard or come across on Makeup Advertisements on tv or in magazines which is the term “Contouring”.

Contouring has brought a significant change to the beauty industry by elevating the art of makeup application to new levels. This technique involves using contrasting colors to enhance or reduce certain facial features, and it has become very popular among both makeup enthusiasts and professionals. However, mastering the skill of contouring is crucial to achieving a flawlessly sculpted face.

Get your Professional Make up

At La Rouge Hair and Spa we know and understand Makeup and the science behind beauty. If you are in the market to find out more about makeup and the products that we use feel free to reach out to us. In our Salon we only use Organic and Natural products that are not only safe but are also moisturizing and bring back nutrients to nourish your face. Our skilled estheticians and Makeup artist have taken extensive training and are able to answer all of your questions and offer the best type of advise based on your unique skin tone and complexions. If you would like to learn more about our team of experts please visit Our Team page and read on their bio.

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