Your Hair DOES Care How You Treat It: Prevent Breakage With Melu By Davines.

We’ve talked about how often you should be shampooing your hair (only 2-3 times a week) but we also have to emphasize how vital the right products are for your haircare routine. let’s briefly breakdown the science of what happens when you use over-the-counter hair products that strip away the essential oils of your hair:

 “Dry Hair = Split Ends = Breakage!”

When purchasing any hair product you need to be reading the ingredients and one thing you should always look for is: “sulfate-free” products.  About 90% of shampoos have sulfate (SLS or SLES) in their ingredients because it’s a very inexpensive cleaning chemical. Sulfate is also very damaging to your hair because the chemical is harsh enough to cause the following:

  • Fading of hair colour
  • Dry Scalp & Hair
  • Irritations on the Scalp
  • Hair loss 

(Fun fact: sulfate is also commonly used in household detergents! Yikes!)

Now that we have established why Sulfate is detrimental to the health of your hair, we’d like to turn your attention to our favourite sulfate-free hair product that you are bound to fall in love with: Melu By Davines.

DSC03004 (1)

Not only are the Melu By Davines products sulfate free they also contain ingredients that nurture your hair (especially if your hair is damaged) and revive it. Melu in particular contains villalba lentil seed extract, which is a rich source of protein that will help prevent breakage and works to effectively nourish your hair. We always use Davines products at La Rouge hair & salon and we hear the feedback our customers give us; they love it. 


Nonetheless, whatever products you do end up choosing, please ensure it’s at the very least sulfate-free and remember this when you are purchasing your next shampoo:

“Hair products are essentially food for your hair! So pick them wisely and be kind to your hair!”


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