Happy Hair Day

Customer Service is our top priority

At La Rouge Hair and Spa we love clients our clients happy and excited when they leave our salon. Customer Service is our top priority In fact, we strive to make it our mission to deliver the best customer service in town. What sets us apart from our competitors is in the details.

Our service starts from way before you enter through our door. From the second you pick up the phone to call our salon (604) 922-5778 to book your appointment we ensure we have all the necessary information to make your stay extra special.

If you are looking for a cut, highlight, or a general root treatment we will tell you how to prepare for your appointment. We will make optimal suggestions for preparation for your appointment such as when to to shampoo and condition.

Please take a minute to watch the video below to see some of our latest photos from our salon and staff.

La Rouge Hair and Spa West Van’s Hair Specialists

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