Professional Hair Care Tips

Questions and answers with Nelly

Nelly owner of La Rouge Hair and Spa

Today we wanted to answer some of your common questions when it comes to Hair-care and maintenance so we have decided to ask none other than the Hair-care expert and owner of La Rouge Hair and Spa Nelly. Nelly is an award winning hair stylist and has over 20 plus years in the field (click here for Nelly’s full Bio)

What are some Misconceptions that people have when it comes to taking care of their hair?

Nelly: Our hair is one of our most vital tissues in our body, in fact hair is the second fasting growing tissue in our bodies after bone marrow. Over the span of my career I have realized that many people have different ideas when it comes to Hair maintenance. Hence, there are many misconceptions that can arise from all the various amounts of information that are available online and in hair magazines.

In my humble opinion, the biggest misconception is as followed: Some clients believe that the best source of action prior to a salon visit is unwashed hair so therefore they refrain from washing/ shampooing/ conditioning their hair prior to their visit. My best advice is to always wash and condition your hair 24 hours prior to your salon visit and not the same day.
In fact Color and highlight always comes out much better on clean and washed hair. If you are prone to scalp sensitivity then I would advise you to wash your hair 48 hours prior to your visit.

What is your number one recommendation for clients after color or highlight?

Nelly: My personal recommendation that I give all my clients is for them to “use the right products such as shampoo, conditioner, that is specifically recommended by your hairstylists”. Your personal hairstylist knows your hair well and will recommend the right source of treatment for your particular hair. For example, some people have very thin, fine hair while others might have an oilier base with thicker hair follicle; therefore, choosing the correct products is key. At La Rouge Hair and Spa we carry many different brands of products such as Davines, Kevin Murphy, and Kerastase to name a few.

To Prevent color and highlights from fading we have some recommendations for our customers. For best results we advise our clients not to wash their hair immediately after their services and ask them to hold off at least 24 hours. Waiting a minimum of 24 hours increases the longevity and vibrancy of the color and highlight in your hair.

Are there any specific treatments that you would recommend to prevent Hair breakage?

Nelly: I definitely recommend some specific treatment to prevent hair breakage. There are many great products available on the market and as long as the client advises with a Hair expert any of those products would be more than adequate. In our salon we recommend Olaplex. Moreover, We always tell our clients to use our Olaplex Shampoo, conditioner and Mask at home.

Do you recommend clients to use flat iron or curlers at home right after color?

Nelly: In my professional opinion customers should refrain from using any type of flat iron or curlers within 24 hours after treatment. Your Hair can become sensitive during color or highlight therefore waiting 24 hours can give your hair the time it needs to heal.

What time frame do you suggest to your clients when it comes to retouch?

Nelly: when it comes touch ups for roots or other general color I recommend a minimum of 4 weeks. However, if you are uncomfortable with any grey roots we recommend using a color spray. One of our most popular line of color sprays is our Kevin Murphy Retouch.Me. Retouch.Me is a root touch-up spray that is dry, has a satin finish and blends perfectly for covering grey’s in between your coloring appointments. (If you like more information on Kevin.Murphy Retouch.Me click here)

Thank you for taking the time to read our salons pro tips. We look forward to having you visit our salon soon. To book an appointment please call 604 922 5778 or leave a feedback on our Website.

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