Hair Extension 101

Beautiful Frizzy Hair Extension

Hair Extensions 101 The Basics

As many of you have been asking  in regards to hair extensions we decided to write a little post today and give you a Hair Extension 101 and try to answer some of your questions in regards to the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to hair extensions.  

The entire purpose of getting extensions is to create a beautiful fuller voluminous natural looking hair to complete blends with your hair color. Therefore, the perfect hair extension should blend well and not be detectable or appear fake.

Whether you are using clip-ins, tape-in, keratin, or semi-permanent extensions the goal is to create a look that blends well that it is virtually undetectable with the naked eye.

Online vs Salon Hair Extension experience

One of the biggest problems that exist in the online shopping experience is the lack of stylist experience that is involved. Low quality, hair extensions can be purchased online from websites like Amazon. Notice the word “can” is highlighted. These cheap inexpensive materials “can” be purchased online however, the biggest problem that comes with that in addition to the quality is the lack of professional stylist experience and artistry. Usually the online purchased extensions in many instances are not as sturdy and tend to fall off, slip and not stay in place and are often missing the mesh netting behind the hair.

When you choose an extension online chances are you are choosing a very simple generic “blonde” or “brunette” that will stand out like a sore thumb. In fact, in our professional opinion it is much better not to wear extensions at all then to wear a standard or “stock” hair extension that stands out completely. You are definitely doing injustice to yourself and your own hair by doing that. It is much wiser to save up and wait to have your professional hair stylist order you an extension that works for you and your specific hair style/color.

There are many small intricate details when it comes to choosing the right extension for our clients. We start by looking at and studying your own hair first. We all know that our hair is not just one color, in fact our hair has so many different variations of tones and shades of color.

In our hair we may have blonde, dirty blonde, brunette, balayage (which is French for sweeping, we will talk about this in another article) or a combination of all types with highlights. In each category believe it or not on a microscopic level there are hundreds of different shades, tones, highlights, low lights, chromas (intensity of color), warmer and cooler values.

The Most Popular Brands of Hair Extensions

Moreover, it can be very difficult to try and find an extension to match your hair exactly.  This is where an expert hair stylist can assist. As experts, we look at different areas before even thinking about ordering your extensions. We look at the base color, root color, tone of the hair, your hair structure including the thickness of your hair and color contrasting from darkest dark to the lightest light. After going through our extensive checklist we then look at specific recommendations from Hair extension manufacturers to find you the most suitable type of extension for you. Sometimes to get the perfect natural look we may go as far as choosing and mixing a combination of two or three different brands of extensions. Some examples of brands are REMY and Luxy Hair, Glam Seamless, Bellami Hair, Just Extensions, and Hidden Crown to name a few.

We pride ourselves on being hair experts and we always remind our clients to treat their hair and their extensions like gold. Not only are extensions expensive to replace but are also very fragile like our own hair so taking good care of your extensions is always a must.

Another question that we get asked a lot about in regards to Hair extensions has to do with the morality behind hair extensions and how and where they are actually made. At La Rouge Hair and Spa we purchase all of our hair extensions from trustable sources through our salon distribution centers. Buying extensions through trustable sources and brands ensure that not only have the products been properly tested in factories and labs but have also come from ethical means.

Hair Extensions as an Investment

Finally, some of you might be wondering about the typical cost of getting hair extensions. As mentioned, in the above article there are so many factors that come into selecting the “right” extensions including the quality, the make, the assorted varieties needed and Brand. But a general rule of thumb goes for buying good quality extensions. We tell our clients not to think of extensions as a one-time disposable portion but more of a long term investment. Usually our clients will invest in two or three different shades of great quality brand new extensions which they keep and reuse for many years. For example, they purchase one set of blonde and one set of darker brunette and they change them based on seasonal trends. 

Generally speaking a great set of extensions with cut and shading and installation and upkeep could cost anywhere between $500- $1000 (completely based on the desired look, feel, style, brand and number of extensions) and are well worth the investment. Remember, if these extensions are taken care of they will last you for many years to come, so treat them with attentiveness and care.

Thank you for taking the time to read our introductory post on Hair extensions and please don’t hesitate to give our salon a call 604 922 – 5778 or visit our Contact Us page to book your next consultation with one of our hair extension experts.

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