Men’s Hairstyles for 2020

La Rouge Men’s Hairstyle recommendations for 2020

If you are browsing the internet and looking for the latest styles of Men’s Hair cuts and styles for 2020 than you have come to the right place.
When it comes to Men’s cuts and trims, artistry is a must. It is all about getting that perfect fade to achieve the perfect look. According to our Men’s cut specialist Maddie: “Today’s men are a little different than the previous generations. They want to be pampered and taken care of. Their hair cut trim and overall hair hygiene is more important than ever before and they know what they want and how they want it done. This is where we shine! We strive to give them the most perfect cut possible. We are the hair experts from A to Z. We can give them that perfect look from a popular crew cut to a man bun, you name it we can make it happen”.

Most popular Men’s cuts and styles of 2020

Men's Hair cut and trim 2020

Let’s take a look at the top most popular Men’s hair styles we do at our salon:

Low Fade, Mid Fade and High Fade: Depending on the type of fade the customer wants we can always work around it to create the perfect look for that particular customer. Sometimes a low fade may suit one client over another or perhaps a combination of the both a gradual fade from a low 0.5 to a 1.5 high fade will create that perfect look. Remember the right hair cut and beard style will bring out your natural features and can create a beautiful thinning and elongated jaw. A smooth transition from mid to short from your temples down to your ear is crucial and we want to create a fade transitions to the back of the ear to create an arc design.

Men's hair cut styles of 2020

Crew Cuts, Buzz Cuts, and Undercuts: These categories are very related indeed. To get the right look by creating the perfect buzz, crew cut, or undercut we have to use very specialized tools that will give us the closest shave to the scalp.
According to Maddie: “My barber tools are my life, they are everything when it comes to creating that perfect look. Those of us who work in the Barber/Men’s Hair cut specialty Salons pride ourselves on the types of tools we use such as specific combs, trimmers and shavers. We love our Hair cutting tools as much as professional chefs love their knives”.

Scheduling Men’s Cut Appointments

Men's Beard Trim Styles 2020

How Often Should I come in for my Hair Cut and Trim?

The Top question that we get from Men when it comes to their hair cuts and trim is how often they should book their appointments. To answer this question we have to look at individual looks and styles but a good general answer that fits most clients is 2 weeks. Generally peaking in order that keep that same beautiful clean cut look we recommend our clients to book their hair and trim appointments every 2 weeks. This gap ensures to keep the same look and feel of fresh trim. However having said that, if you don’t mind a little scruff than you can book your appointment every 3 weeks and that should do just as fine.

Men’s cut at La Rouge Hair and Spa

What are the best days for booking for men’s cuts?

Men's high fade Cut and Beard trim 2020

Maddie and Naz are considered our men’s cuts specialists and we encourage all our men’s cuts to be tailored with through them. In fact, right now for a limited time we are offering a 10 % DISCOUNT ON ALL MEN’S CUTS EVERY THURSDAY.

So don’t delay our Thursday time slots as they are filling up very fast and are limited to salon capacity. To book your appointment or consultation for your next Men’s cut and trim please call our salon at
(604) 922-5778 or leave a feedback and one of our Men’s cut specialist will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your booking.

2020 Men's Cut Promotion


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