Top Beauty Salons in Vancouver

How to spot the top Beauty Salons in Vancouver

Hair curling at Hair Salon

Today we wanted to write an article for those of you that might be in the market looking for a new beauty salon to try. We understand that sometimes in life our predicaments change and that statement can’t be more true today than ever before due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of you might be searching online to find a hair and beauty salon in Vancouver or the North Shore, including North Vancouver and West Vancouver that might be able to offer you a little more pizzazz than what you are currently receiving and we are hoping that this article will answer some of important questions that you may have.

What is the most important feature to look for in a Beauty Salon in today’s environment?

Covid-19 Masked Hair Stylist

In the world of post Covid-19 client and staff safety must be the top priority of every single operating business. Hence, La Rouge Hair and Spa has taken every single safety measure to heart and strongly believes that we can have a harmonious workspace that adheres to strict safety and delivers excellent service to clients.
When searching for your next salon anywhere in the greater Vancouver we strongly advise you to reach out to the salon first by visiting their website or reading their business profiles to ensure that they have specific Covid-19 protocols in place. Additionally, we advise clients to read business reviews and ensure that the business is doing everything in its ability to act professional and create an open and honest dialog with their clientele. This brings us to our next point which are “reviews”….

How important are Google Reviews when searching for your next Salon visit

La Rouge Beauty Salon Google Review

When you are searching online to find your new Beauty Salon in Vancouver, you must always and we mean always pay attention to customer reviews. Reviews from trusted sources are the bread and butter of every business; in fact, at La Rouge Hair and Spa we pride ourselves of our 4.8/5 stars that we currently have (we wish we could be a perfect 5 star, however in today’s competitive world a 5 star review is extremely difficult to attain). In fact in our salon instead of focusing on receiving a perfect score we focus on delivering the best experience for our clients. More importantly, we always do our best to reach out to all of our clients to confirm their Satisfaction.
So next time you are reading business reviews of salons take a minute to not only read the reviews but more importantly, pay close attention at the engagement the business has with their customers. (For example, is the business taking the extra time to reply to comments and show adequate attempt to addressing the customers concerns)

What are the steps for booking appointments and building a new relationship with a Beauty Salon

Hair Salon Therapy Session

As mentioned in previous articles on our blog we consider our clients as family and every new customer inquiry could lead to many years of great relationships. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us in any way available. Email us (, call us, drop in and say hi and introduce yourself we would love to hear from you.
One advice we can give you is to take a few minutes and read the Biography of our Hair Stylists and Estheticians and get a brief intro about us prior to your visit. (Every stylist at our salon has their own unique experience and come from variety of backgrounds, you never know you might just be in the process not only finding your next stylist but a life long acquaintance, colleague, or friend). Whether you choose to give our salon the opportunity to serve you or another just remember that you deserve to receive the best service and we are always one phone (604) 922-5778 call away.

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