Choosing the Right Haircut

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Choosing the right haircut can be a challenging task for everyone, so we have decided to write a little article to help you understand the best methods for choosing your new haircut/hairstyle.

Next time you are thinking about visiting the salon you might be asking yourself the following questions?

  1. What kind of hairstyle should I get?
  2. Should I cut it short or keep it long?
  3. What type of hairstyle is in season now?
  4. Should I get highlights or try something like a Balayage?

One of the biggest factors that many people do not know or consider when it comes to getting a new look is something called Faceshape. That’s right, the shape of your face can really play a fundamental factor in choosing the right look and style for your hair.

How to pick the perfect hairstyle for your face shape?

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This is a question we get asked often and you need to consider your face shape and you need to choose a haircut that works with your hair’s texture. It’s fun changing up your hair however keep in mind that classic is always the most flattering cut.

If you have an oval face shape, the most popular trend would be long layers, shoulder length waves, layered bob or a side pixie cut. For those with squared shape faces, bangs are extremely flattering and elegant.

For round face shapes we often recommend a long bob and heart shaped faces look best with wavy layers or a chin length bob haircut.

And finally, diamond shaped faces go great with short hair, adding bangs also adds a gorgeous look.

Choosing the right look based on the Hair Texture

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Hair texture is just as important as face shape when it comes to determining the right look.

If you have fine thin hair, you should have the least amount of layering. Our favorite haircut for this type of hair type is a bob haircut with limited texture.

If you have medium hair type a variation of lengths are possible, adding layers or texture is ideal to help strength in your hair length.

If you have thick hair you can do lots of layers, long layers which help with weight removal that makes it easier to style daily.

As you can see when it comes to finding the right look the possibilities are endless. In our expert opinion we often recommend to our clients get a haircut as often as possible as it helps with the growth of your hair.

If you are still struggling in finding the right style for you or you just want to get some ideas we suggest that you drop into our salon and one of our haircare experts can have a consultation with you. We can also show you many different styles in from our catalogs or Instagram account that would suit your face shape and hair texture.

You can call us 604-922-5778, contact us for your next consult or you can directly Book your next appoint.

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