Hair Treatment 101

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Today we have decided to write an article to answer some of those important questions in regards to Hair Treatments. We all know how brittle and sensitive our Hair can be and know the importance of treatment; however, how much do we really know? In this article we are sharing with you an interview with world renown Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dr. Lee she is a world famous Doctor with a specialty as a dermatologist for California, USA. She has the nickname Dr. Pimple Popper and has millions of followers on her social media platforms.

Hair Treatment for Dry Hair

How can you treat Dry Hair?

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Dr Sandra Lee says: Dermatology is the study of hair, skin and nails. Our Hair and nails are really a direct reflection of what is going on either in our body or externally. For example: if you have any damage or distress in the tips of your nails or tips of your hair this actually gives us an idea as dermatologists that you may be exposing your nails or your hair to external factors which could be causing damage.”

She continues to explain that “If you have dry brittle hair and suspect that something might be going on internally you may want to have yourself evaluated by your physician as there are medical conditions that can cause dry or brittle hair. One of them that is the most common low thyroid level called hypothyroid which is preventable

How can we Prevent Dry Hair?

According to Sandra: The shorter your hair is the less likely it is to be dry and brittle since it hasn’t been around for a long time. The longer the hair the more it has been exposed to heat and dryer climate.

Dr. Lee explains that “one of the ways that we can prevent dry hair is to really try and put the shield back that this cuticle creates. You can try to look for some products that contain dimethicone which coats your hair shaft and really helps to protect it so that moisture doesn’t escape. Many of us think that washing our hair is better but that actually dry your hair out more so you should really try not to use heavy soaps and shampoos to wash your hair and minimizing. Don’t wash your hair everyday or wash every other or every third day and to really condition which is a very important step to really keep the moisture in your hair.

Should I be cutting my hair frequently?

When it comes to cutting hair Dr. Lee says the following: For many people who already have split ends they are very fearful to cut their hair but the important thing to note is that it is actually important to actually cut your hair. When you have split ends and you allow them to stay they will slowly move up your hair and extend so the damage will get bigger. If you are really kind of apprehensive about cutting your hair in the first place just try to trim it every now and then and trim it more often than usual and take a little bit off here and there and that will help maintain the health of your hair.

Disclaimer: Dr. Sandra Lee is not associated or Affiliated with this article or any products that we sell. The article is taken directly from Dr.Lee’s Youtube Page. If you are a fan of Dr. Lee like us we encourage you to subscribe to her channel and follow her page.

Hair Treatment products

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